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Auntie Dee’s Easy Frosting


  • 1 bag confectioners (powdered) sugar (make sure you have a little extra as well)
  • 1 stick butter (not margarine), softened
  • 1 stick butter flavored Crisco
  • 1 tsp clear vanilla
  • milk to thin


In a large mixing bowl, blend together butter and butter flavored Crisco until creamy and no chunks remain.  (This works best if you use a standing mixer.)  Add vanilla and blend in completely.  Shut off mixer and pour in all of the powdered sugar.  Blend through slightly with spoon before turning mixer back on to prevent it from puffing out of the bowl.  Slowly add milk (do not use skim), one cap full at a time until desired consistency.  If it gets too thin, add a little more sugar.  Allow to set before adding color or using.  To add color, use Wilton’s gel coloring not the liquid coloring as the liquid will cause the frosting to separate.  Frost your cake with a thin layer first to prevent crumbs, allow to dry.  Frost as normal. 

Note:  This is not a pure white frosting.  If you want a really white frosting, omit the butter and use 1 cup regular Criso only.

auntie dee s easy frosting Auntie Dees Easy Frosting
Auntie_Dee in Odds and Ends on September 27 2009 » 0 comments
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