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Welcome to Resolution Season!

The New Year is now upon us and with it our resolutions!  To help those who are watching their weight, I am now going to be adding “Lighter Side” options to some of the recipes that I will be adding.  They will be filed under a new category called Lighter Side Options.  They will be regular recipes with options to reduce calories on the bottom.  I am busy getting ready for the “gasp” bikini season myself, so while I work on shrinking my waistline, I might as well help my readers who wish to do the same thing!  So for those of you who are like me and working to fight the battle against the, (shall I say it?), middle aged bulge, watch for the new options and enjoy!

welcome to resolution season Welcome to Resolution Season!
Auntie_Dee in Uncategorized on January 14 2010 » 0 comments
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